Anytime there is a breakthrough in the technology associated with pediatric dentistry it is news, especially when it makes some of the necessary dental procedures more comfortable for the patients and more affordable for their parents.

The issues surrounding sedation methods used in the field of pediatric dentistry have long been of concern to parents of children who have particularly sensitive teeth or those who experience extreme anxiety when facing an appointment with the dentist. Kids dread the needle that they know is coming when the dentist says the words “we’ll numb you up now,” and parents are leery of any anesthetic that is given intravenously or any type of gas that their child must inhale. The introduction of laser therapy to pediatric dentistry has cut down drastically on the need for anesthetics.

Until a fool proof preventive method comes along pediatric dentists must remove tooth decay by some method or another. The typical procedure involves using the well known and very unpopular dental drill, but with a laser beam the entire course of treatment changes. Since numbing is often unnecessary it is quite possible for the dentist to work on more than one tooth per visit, saving both time and money.

Laser beams will hopefully continue to be used in more and more future procedures as the technology moves forward. The contributions to the field of pediatric dentistry will no doubt increase.

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