Unless your child is at high risk for cavities or your pediatric dentist feels that after a thorough clinical exam a closer look is prescribed, x-rays are kept to a minimum. Even though the dosage of radiation is extremely nominal it does accumulate so the more often the body is exposed to it the more radiation it will amass.

There are certain scenarios, however, where the diagnostic value of x-ray technology cannot be replaced. If for instance, your child’s permanent teeth are not erupting on schedule your dentist may want to use an x-ray to find the underlying problem which could lead to an infection or other serious consequence if not detected. As the teeth continue to develop underneath the gums a dental x-ray can be taken to monitor the growth and to use as a reference for future diagnosis.

The sooner a cavity can be discovered the more likely it is that the decay can be reversed or at least kept from advancing. An x-ray can tell your dentist if decay is lurking between the teeth where it can’t be seen by the naked eye.

If the low dosage of radiation and the safety precautions that your pediatric dentist provides isn’t enough to stop you from worrying you should know that extensive research has shown that the diagnostic advantages of x-ray technology far outweigh the risk.

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