If your six-month-old seems to be uncommonly cranky, is drooling more than usual, and is trying to stuff anything and everything, including all ten fingers, into his mouth it may well mean that he is teething. The medical term for teething is odontiasis, but simply put teething means that your child’s teeth are starting to erupt. The process can begin as early as four months or as late as ten months of age. Late or early teething can conform to family history.

Some may be more sensitive to it than others but most babies will experience some level of discomfort while teething which can make things tough on everybody. Parents have tried all kinds of home remedies over time but gum massage, a cold cloth or a teething ring have all proven to be safe and successful methods of relieving some of the pain of teething. If nothing seems to be working your pediatric dentist may recommend an appropriate over-the-counter product.

Teething is not associated with symptoms like diarrhea, coughing, or body rash. A temperature of over 100 degrees should also not be contributed to teething. These could be symptoms of something else altogether.

Teething won’t last forever, most children have a full set of primary teeth by the age of three years. You can rely on Dr. Kaelin and the staff at Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry to help you get through the rough spots along the way. Call today @ 303-835-9330.