The Best Mouth Guards

There are several different brands of a mouth guard, but they break down into two big types. Both are designed with oral health in mind. Sports guards are made to absorb impacts from contact sports like boxing, MMA, rugby and hockey. More commonly, mouth guards are used to protecting the teeth from grinding, especially during sleep overnight.

In addition to the big divide by type, there’s also a divide by how they’re fitted. Some mouthguards are stock. That means they’re designed to fit a common size for an average sized person. This is especially seen in sport mouth guards. Stock mouth guards can be found at box stores like Walmart and specialty sporting goods stores. Boil and bite mouth guards are the next step up in terms of fit and customization. These can also be bought at box stores. This is the most common mouth guard used to fight teeth grinding.

Finally, for a truly customized fit, some people use mouth guards made by dentists who have access to professional labs. They make exact molds of people’s teeth and the guards are made from those. The advantage of these mouth guards is that the mouth guards are made of special material that wears longer and provides better protection than boil and bite models. Boil and bite mouth protectors tend to have a gummy texture.

So which mouth guards are the best? Well, that depends on what your needs are. If you’re a parent of a child who’s playing little league or Pop Warner, an off the rack stock mouth guard is probably fine. Of course, make sure that it’s comfortable for your child. Popular brands include the Shock Doctor line, especially the Gel Max version. This cushions the teeth comfortably and protects against impacts. The gel molds to the teeth, much like boil and bite models do. Franklin’s Sports Mouth Guard is another highly-rated choice. There are also versions in adult sizes.

For boil and bite models, Doctor’s Night Guard is a popular choice. It comes with clear, easy instructions. People find them easy to follow. CVS’s store brand of Health Comfort dental guards is also extremely popular with consumers. It’s also a boil and bite model guard. It comes with instructions, and they can also be found online at the CVS website. Each of these versions of a boil and bite mouth guard also comes with a hard plastic case.

Finally, custom-molded mouth guards are typically made only in a dentist’s office. There are some mail-order companies that make them, however. These include Pro Teeth Guard and J&S Lab Dental Night Guard. They are designed to treat teeth grinding at night. Both are highly rated by consumers.

There are plenty of effective, comfortable dental guards to choose from. It all just depends on your needs and budget. Whether you play sports, grind your teeth, or both, you have several options when it comes to these products.