A toothbrush is not a “one size fits all” product. That’s why every family member should have his or her own. But with so many sizes and shapes to choose from which is the right one for your child?

A good brush has to fit a child’s mouth. If it feels awkward to him he will be less likely to want to use it and that would defeat the whole purpose. The bristles of the brush should be firm enough to clean the teeth but at the same time go easy on the gums.

The more interest your child takes in caring for his teeth the better chance he has to prevent cavities. One way to encourage brushing is to find a toothbrush that he likes. Manufacturers cater to the kids that are going to talk their parents into choosing one product over another. You will see brushes depicting everything from the Star Wars characters to Princess Elsa of Frozen. Most labels will provide an age guide to help you pick the right size.

The American Dental Association has not endorsed battery powered toothbrushes over manual ones as far as cleaning abilities go, but surveys have shown that children find the power driven brushes easier to manipulate.

Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry caters to the children. Dr. Kaelin even offers kid activities on her website. Don’t miss the “kids area” page full of games, pictures and a chart to help your child remember to brush. Check it out at www.kids-dental.com.