As we usher in the New Year, we should learn much about dental decay in children to help us take the right measures to prevent the condition before happening. The condition affects the front upper teeth of an infant or a young child. Also, the disease can occur on the other teeth. As we all know that our kids love sugary food, the food material remains stuck between the teeth enhancing the growth of bacteria. Due to lack of proper cleaning, the bacteria produce acid that attacks the teeth enamel. The teeth enamel of a child is much thinner as compared to that of an adult making the decay much easier and faster. Teeth decay can show right after the first tooth emerges. A white matter appears on the surface of the tooth, which when not treated early enough will advance to have a yellowish or black color. Parents have the power to keep their children safe from teeth decay by keeping off bacteria through the following ways;

1. Make Teeth Brushing a Routine
Children see it full of fun when trying to do what they see their parents do. Therefore, your kids know that what they see you doing is the right thing and will respond positively when you create a routine. Thus, your kids will maintain the habit into their adolescence and above keeping a healthy mouth. You should keep encouraging your kids to brush even when they feel losing interest. Make your children believe that a family cannot go to sleep without having their mouth cleaned.

2. Introduce Your Kid to a Dentist
Many of us do not know the proper time to visit a dentist. Children should visit a dentist in infancy. The specialist can diagnose, prevent, and treat dental disorders as they emerge. Also, the orthodontist can guide the parents on ways to take care of the child’s mouth. When you take care of the baby teeth, they give a proper guide for the adult teeth to emerge.

3. Limit Sugary Food
The sugars in the drinks and diets of your kid will raise the level of teeth decay. Any sugar either refined or non-refined, such as honey can have equal damage to the teeth. Those sticky and sugary foods are the worst case scenario.

4. Avoid Spoon Sharing
Some bacteria can still settle in the infant’s mouth even before the teeth emerge. For the parents who do not take good care of their mouth, the bacteria can transfer from your mouth to that of the child by sharing of spoons and other utensils through saliva. Also, you can wipe the child’s mouth with a clean cloth after feeding, which introduces the kid to brushing when the teeth emerge.

5. Use Fluoride Toothpaste
You can use fluoride toothpaste on kids above two years and supervise the brushing to minimize swallowing. Also, use the recommended amount as indicated on the package. Ensure the kid has the toothpaste in the mouth long enough to maximize the effect of fluoride on the teeth. Children below age two can also use fluoride toothpaste only as directed by the dentist.