Water makes up over half of our body weight. It’s how essential nutrients are carried to the various parts of the body and it helps to maintain a healthy body temperature. Studies have determined that the average child between the ages of 4-8 years should take in 5 cups of water each day in order to be properly hydrated.

Water is just as important to your child’s dental health. Pediatric dentists recommend that parents get their children accustomed to drinking water instead of some other beverages and to start doing so at an early enough age so that the habit becomes instinctive.

Fluoride is a natural element of water and many modern communities have added to the content of their drinking water supply making a household’s tap water an excellent source of fluoride. Water that comes from the kitchen faucet however, may not hold much appeal for kids who prefer carbonated beverages. Fortunately, you can turn your plain tap water into sparkling water using one of a variety of appliances made just for that purpose.

Bottled water is convenient for use on road trips or to take to kids sporting events but there are very few that are able to claim a significant fluoride content. Use them for convenience sake but rely on thoroughly fluoridated water to help your child in the fight against tooth decay.

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