Introduction to Dental X-Rays for Children

X-rays can be a powerful tool to determine important and possibly lifesaving information. When an x-ray is used for dental purposes, it is usually because of a potential cavity or infection within the teeth or gums. In some cases, a dentist may want to get a closer, more detailed look at a child’s gums in order to determine the cause of pain or discomfort. In some cases, tooth decay may be the case of pain. If the tooth decay is detected on the x-ray prior to sever deterioration, the child may not experience any pain or discomfort as a result of detecting the decay early.

Why Dental Visits Occur

Children visit their dentist for a number of reasons ranging from annual checkups to fractured teeth. In some scenarios, they may have been involved in an accident and suffered an injury to the mouth. These are all reasons as to why a child might need to visit their dentists. X-rays have been used for decades to determine tooth decay and infections of the root, gums and teeth. Dental X-rays are known as radiographs. X-rays use low levels of radiation to view the interior of a patient’s gums and teeth. Impacted teeth can be viewed through an X-ray.

Dental X-Ray History

Dental X-rays were first used in 1896. Dentists did not begin using X-rays regularly until the beginning of the 1950’s. As a result of this practice, dentists were able to determine the cause of pain or discomfort faster.

Why Children Require More X-Rays

Children may require X-rays more often than adults because their teeth, jaws and bones are still developing. Since children’s teeth are smaller, they are more susceptible to decay. The decay can spread to the other teeth faster in children than adults. As a result of this, dentists use X-rays in order to determine where the decay is and how to prevent further dental issues. A dental X-ray is preformed at a dentist’s office. The results are typically analyzed in-office. The results are ready shortly after the X-ray is taken. Once the results are in, the dentist will analyze the result are report their findings.

Conclusion on Dental X-Rays for Children

As a result of the X-ray, the dentist will give their recommendations. The X-ray’s are usually stored in a child’s patient portfolio at the dentist office. This is then used for further reference at the office. When the child visits the dentists next, these X-rays may be used to cross-examine and further treat the patient. X-rays are a common procedure at the dentist for many children and are usually part of the annual dentist visit.