There are so many different types of mouth guards available for people. There are dental mouth guards, mouth protectors and sports mouth guards. All of these products fit over the teeth and protect them from injury. When it comes to sports mouth guards they protect your teeth from falls, head injuries or hits to the body. Mouth guards can be worn by anyone who needs to protect their teeth while playing sports or at night to prevent teeth grinder or clenching.

Custom-fitted mouth guards and sports guards are going to be completely fitted to your mouths shape and the needs of your body. A custom mouth guard will last a long time and will be able to take the wear and tear of your bites. The average human can put 171 pounds of pressure on their molars, which shows that mouth guards for sports or nightwear can be very beneficial for saving the lives of your teeth.

When it comes to sports mouth guards they should should be replaced after each season because they can wear down over time, which will make them less effective. In the adolescent ages replacing more frequently is very important because of the movement of their teeth and growing of their bodies. If someone is playing multiple sports then they will definitely have to get their sports mouth guard replaced or at least checked for possible fixing at their 6-month checkup.

Taking care of your mouth guard or sports guard is pretty easy. Once you take it out of your mouth, make sure to rinse it with some cool water. You can then use a little bit of mild soap to fully clean away any bacteria and use a toothbrush to get into the ridges of the guard. A dental professional mouth guard can be cleaned with tabs that are used to clean dentures because those tabs are made to clean a product that goes in the mouth and get anything off of them.

So it all depends on the degree to which a person grinds and clenches their teeth on how long they will be able to keep their night guard. A dental professionally fitted night guard or mouth guard is going to last you years longer than a mouth guard that you buy over the counter. When it comes to sports mouth guards, it depends on the age of the person, especially if they are still an adolescent and if they are in professional sports it will depend on the wear and tear of their sports guard and what their dentist thinks. If you take care of your mouth guard and properly store it and clean it, then you will definitely be able to keep it longer.