Making Dentist Visits Easier for Special Needs Kids

Children with special needs can be difficult when it comes to oral healthcare. Simply getting them to brush their teeth can be a struggle that requires you to get creative. Getting them to the dentist can be an ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. There are things you can do to make special needs kids trips to the dentist as uneventful as possible.

Early Visits

You should begin taking your child to the dentist at as young an age as possible. Regular checkups help children to become more comfortable going to the dentist. It also helps to prevent them from being scared of the dentist. Taking something the child finds comforting will help to make the visit easier.

Get Creative at Home

When it comes to getting your special needs child to cooperate with good dental hygiene there will be times you have to get creative. Make brushing their teeth a fun activity. Some special needs children have difficulties when it comes to brushing their own teeth, so it is important that you help them. Assisting your child with taking care of their teeth will help to prevent emergency dental visits that could be traumatic for them.


Not all dental offices are equipped to deal with special needs children. Call around, and get recommendations from family, friends or support groups. People will be glad to share their experiences with you to make your choice of a dentist for your child easier. Read the reviews of the dentist because people will gladly put the negative experiences they had out there to help others avoid them.

Prepare Your Child

Begin talking to your child about the appointment for a few days or a week before it comes time to go. This way you can answer any questions, and calm any fears they might have. It is important to take your child seriously when they tell you something is bothering them.

Talk to the Staff

Communication with the staff to ensure that they are aware of your child’s special needs and exactly what they are. It is important that you let them know if you have to be there with your child for the entire exam to prevent things from scaring them and avoid problems. It will also help them better prepare themselves. You will be better able to set boundaries for them and your child.

When it comes to special needs kids and going to the dentist it is important to cover all of your bases. You want to start early with regular checkups to prevent a fear of the dentist. Assisting them with their oral hygiene habits and reminding to take care of their mouth as they get older will go a long way to making the visits more pleasant.