Whitening a child’s teeth should be done with caution. The mouths if children are very sensitive, both their teeth and gums and should always be take care of. Does the teeth of children stain? Yes, the teeth of children do stain. Stains or discoloration on the teeth of little kids can occur for various reasons. One reason can be due to trauma. Kids run, fall, bump into their peers etc, this can cause tooth trauma. So if a child’s tooth is hit it can cause the tooth to change colors. If this happens the child should be taken to a pediatric dentist immediately. The dentist will be able to check for any additional damage. Another reason for the staining of the teeth of children is the intake of certain vitamins, such as iron supplements. And then there’s the very popular staining of children teeth, due to the types of foods that they eat.

Using over the counter whitening toothpastes, may be something to consider, however they are not designed to remove stains from teeth. They are developed to remove plague, along with gradually lightening the teeth. So the child or parent may not receive the benefit of having stainless teeth through this option. And if whitening toothpaste is used for a number of times, it causes microscopic holes in the enamel. The abrasive nature of these types of toothpastes along with some of the ingredients causes the holes to develop. The microscopic holes can cause teeth to become sensitive to cold or hot.

Making an appointment with a pediatric dentist to bleach the child’s teeth may be a better option. The bleaching is performed through the controlled application of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When it comes to this treatment, the parent must be sure that the child has not only grown his permanent teeth, but also that it has been calcified. It takes two years for a child’s permanent teeth to calcify. After, this process has completed, then the child’s pediatric dentist may allow the bleaching.

The pediatric dentist uses a tray that is fitted to the child’s mouth. Also, the product that is used in the treatment is a especially designed for the child’s mouth. This type of observation and control prevents negative gingival effects. Whereas if the child or the child’s parent presume to purchase this whitening tray over the counter it may be too strong or too weak.

When it comes to the teeth of children, it’s always best to make sure the child brushes every night. Also, reducing the constant eating of stain causing foods stains will help keep teeth pearly whites. Yes, everyone wants white teeth, but it is recommended by dentists everywhere, not to sacrifice the heath of your teeth, for white teeth.