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The best brands of mouth guards

The Best Mouth Guards There are several different brands of a mouth guard, but they break down into two big types. Both are designed with oral health in mind. Sports guards are made to absorb impacts from contact sports like boxing, MMA, rugby and hockey. More...

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How long does a mouth guard last for?

There are so many different types of mouth guards available for people. There are dental mouth guards, mouth protectors and sports mouth guards. All of these products fit over the teeth and protect them from injury. When it comes to sports mouth guards they protect...

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Types of mouth guards for kids

The American Dental Association informs parents that when kids take part in daily fun games or if they are involved in school athletic sports, that they should wear a mouthguard. If your kid is involved in contact sports, they especially should wear a mouthguard....

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How mouth guards prevent dental injuries

You might have noticed athletes wearing mouth guards. What is the purpose of the mouth guard? Learn how mouth guards prevent dental injuries. Protecting Teeth When you smile, you send a pleasant welcoming greeting to others. Of course, if your teeth are in great...

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Reasons kids need mouth guards

Mouthguards for Children: Protection of Jaw Bone and Teeth There can be many reasons as to why a child may need a mouth guard. From reduced risk of concussion to jaw protection, mouth guards offer many benefits and act as a cushion against teeth impact. Mouth guards...

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Dental anxiety in kids

When a Child is Afraid of Going to a Dentist Fear of going to the dentist is relatively common among children and even among many adults. In children, however, the situation is made more difficult by the fact that the patients may not understand the treatment they are...

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X-Rays For Kids at The Dentist

Introduction to Dental X-Rays for Children X-rays can be a powerful tool to determine important and possibly lifesaving information. When an x-ray is used for dental purposes, it is usually because of a potential cavity or infection within the teeth or gums. In some...

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Cost of Dentistry Services For Kids

Bringing your children to the dentist is incredibly critical to their overall health and well-being. The sooner that your child gets in the habit of going to the dentist, the better off their smile will be and the more likely they will be to go to the dentist on their...

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Types of Kids Dentistry

Types of Kids Dentistry Visiting the dentist is an important part of staying healthy and having a beautiful smile. Pediatric dentistry is more than just visiting a local office to have exams and cleanings done. Many children need comprehensive work to maintain their...

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